The Region

Welcome to Aljezur

Situated in the midst of the south west Alentejo and St Vincent's Coast Natural Park, the council of Aljezur has a natural wealth and landscape unique in south west Europe. Situated between the calm Alentejo and the famous south coast of the Algarve are its 40 kms of exuberant coast. Its well-preserved landscape combines nature and traditional agriculture and the typical little white houses which salt and pepper fields and villages.

Its major attraction is its incomparably wonderful beaches, some deserted for those who enjoy untouched beauty, others already discovered by the lovers of this very special coast, provided with the necessary infrastructures. Surfing and fishing are the favoured sea activities and on land one can relax and enjoy the scenery.

As it is one of the best protected regions in the country, in addition to its wild beaches, you can enjoy a well-balanced ecosystem between the sea, the coastline and the more inland areas, near the Serra de Monchique. The variety of birds is a great attraction for those connoisseurs, given that many make their nests here, and other less familiar birds pass by on their migratory flights.
When you see a stork's nest on a cliff, you will know that you are experiencing a situation which is unique in the world, given that only in this region have the storks given into the charms of the coast and have decided to make their nests there. Maritime fauna is equally rich with its hake, bass, seabream or gilthead seabream and its seafood such as its mussels, swimming crabs or its goose barnacles, which are highly appreciated in the region. On land can be found rabbits and hares, Egyptian mongoose, fox, wild boar and even otters (near streams or dams).
A visit to Aljezur Castle should not be missed with its magnificent view over the meadows, nor should one miss the important museums, churches and archaeological remains.

To gain your strength again, the restaurants offer the traditional coastal fish and seafood, as well as the meat from Aljezur and traditional sweets, especially the much sought after local sweet potato. There is however something for everyone should you prefer the irresistible international alternatives.